Club Plastic

by Paintings of Photographs

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The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain. -Colin Wilson

In an era dominated by reality TV, Tinder-dating, and Facebook relationships, we live with the faint suspicion that our social freedom is little more than the attempt to feng shui a cell block. Our every moment is increasingly dictated by the maintenance of a pristine social facade. The hipster generation is composed of fake-smiling selfies, designer jeans with prefabricated rips, and algorithmically selected music. What would it mean to live without superficiality or stylish cynicism? Why can’t we devise our own culture rather than simply reinventing Baby Boomer archetypes?

Our music is based in the hope that even in our era of dismal homogeneity and meticulous conformism, there still exists the capacity for vibrant human experience unmediated by the idolatry of the status quo.


released December 4, 2014

All songs written and performed by Paintings of Photographs (Gunnar Bachelor and Andrew Godfrey)
Recording, mixing, and mastering by Andrew Godfrey

© 2014 Paintings of Photographs All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Paintings of Photographs Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mix together equal parts indie rock, folk, techno, and punk, then channel the mixture through two artists who have been collaborating since the days of learner permits and broken curfews. The result: Paintings of Photographs, the latest experiment of Andrew Godfrey and Gunnar Bachelor. ... more

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Track Name: Do Not Eat
Luck, and a fragile charm ran out and I’m back at square one.
Second guessing the back route
Out of the background holler of skinny jean poets and pseudo intellectuals.
Not enough polish, or not enough college to break a clean sweat
The regret has grown unstoppable.
Count the ways that I’ve failed
Should I try to endorse the caged animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Speak to the pampered victim class A
Speak to mountain calm
Speak to calling, the vision board psychic
The Prozac-laced cleric, the hayseed growing natural
Fade to black, exit stage left
Don’t mind the drunk critic, or lanky tech professional
Am I digging a grave?
Why am I trying to save graffiti prophets and trailer park confessionals?
Peel back the thoughts or circle the drain
Oh, I tried to feel it, oh, I tried to feel it.
Icing my bad dreams, screensaver beach scenes, heckling heroes and stoics
The tabloid’s going rational.
Mark up a grid, paper mache, with tin foil helmets and bourbon first aid
I’m hedging bets, with idols I’ve met, bribing my gas tank
Stealing international.
Track Name: DROP
Last draft down, remorse.
It’s a prank call,
It’s a serenade,
It’s the last dance.
Whipping ivory slang,
Cursing metronome beat.
I’m the fool that you call,
In the throes of defeat.
You can’t fight with the dead,
They speak in hunger and stares,
Clicking tongues from the pews,
Disobey if you dare.
I’m sure that you tried your best,
But I’m stacking the deck,
You keep the wailing and screaming,
I’ll be the pain in your neck.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.
Catch the smell of your fear,
Twisted rat in a maze,
They tell me it’s just a fad.
A childish malcontent phase.
With your back on the wall,
Hand on your neck,
They pledge to honor and keep you,
As long as you do the rest.
Maybe it’s just a dream,
But no one’s outside to wake you.
No one can hear you scream.
I’m the best that you got.
I’m the face of the dawn.
I’m the voice on your shoulder.
You be the judge if I’m wrong.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.
You play the mystery name-­fiend,
Sugarcane fight scene,
On your knees and they don’t want it.
Your heart’s a sodium canteen,
Ligament shanty.
On your knees and they don’t want it.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.
Track Name: Symptoms
The mindless act, throwback, heart attack gesture.
Trophy beat, rinse, repeat, cold compress censure.
Peeling out, scream and shout, mind-control lecture.
Caving in, love and sin, reeling dark measure.

I only got one sure thing,
Hear the night sing,
I’ll stay until the lights go cold.

Phantom dream, crime scene, mechanized action.
Bleeding out, lipstick pout, plastic high fashion.
Devil care, neon stare, single night ration.
Linen scent, can’t repent, medicate passion.

I only got one sure thing,
Hear the night sing,
I’ll stay until the lights go cold.
Track Name: Cadillac
Open vacancy, can’t stop running.
All the violence is left, held in your chest.
Shadow stain on the hot pavement.
Awaken the threat you try to forget.

You’re frozen in time.
An echo burns in your mind.

Toss and turn in the pain you spent.
Begging don’t kill my soul.
I swear I’ll let go.
Static rain on the TV set.
The silence is near,
The nightmare appears.

She’s frozen in time.
An echo burns in your mind.

Tying strings on the trees.
Down on your knees.
Carry me home.

You can’t go home.
Can’t feel her lean calm body.
You can’t go home.
Can’t stop believing what she said.
Track Name: Kick It
Your eyes stare back like shot glass,
I’m passing it on.
Tangle of sighs,
Passion and swing,
Mix of the threat, dirty secret.
Now it’s all gone.
Long gone.

The sky outside is iodine.

Paint on your mouth,
Curse on your teeth,
Stones on your neck,
Vines on your feet.
I’m begging for dawn.

Eyes on the door.
Carving the set,
Ice in your stare.
Last cigarette.
Now it’s all gone.
Long gone.

The sky outside is iodine.

Don’t lie to me, breathe nonchalant.
I’m losing track, try to taunt back.
Baby, I’m just a pawn.

Calm of the storm,
Tearing the seam,
Candlelight vows,
Addiction obscene.
Now it’s all gone.
Long gone.

The sky outside is iodine.