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Last draft down, remorse.
It’s a prank call,
It’s a serenade,
It’s the last dance.
Whipping ivory slang,
Cursing metronome beat.
I’m the fool that you call,
In the throes of defeat.
You can’t fight with the dead,
They speak in hunger and stares,
Clicking tongues from the pews,
Disobey if you dare.
I’m sure that you tried your best,
But I’m stacking the deck,
You keep the wailing and screaming,
I’ll be the pain in your neck.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.
Catch the smell of your fear,
Twisted rat in a maze,
They tell me it’s just a fad.
A childish malcontent phase.
With your back on the wall,
Hand on your neck,
They pledge to honor and keep you,
As long as you do the rest.
Maybe it’s just a dream,
But no one’s outside to wake you.
No one can hear you scream.
I’m the best that you got.
I’m the face of the dawn.
I’m the voice on your shoulder.
You be the judge if I’m wrong.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.
You play the mystery name-­fiend,
Sugarcane fight scene,
On your knees and they don’t want it.
Your heart’s a sodium canteen,
Ligament shanty.
On your knees and they don’t want it.
Blood, cash, scream, counter­act.


from Club Plastic, released December 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Paintings of Photographs Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mix together equal parts indie rock, folk, techno, and punk, then channel the mixture through two artists who have been collaborating since the days of learner permits and broken curfews. The result: Paintings of Photographs, the latest experiment of Andrew Godfrey and Gunnar Bachelor. ... more

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